AlterEgos Makes PowerPoint Tutorials Come To Life.

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Having a virtual animated avatar or virtual tutor within your CBT, training or presentation media is a well proven means of dramatically increasing information retention, effectiveness and impact. However being comfortable incorporating our own likeness is something we normally steer away from. There is a great product partnership however that makes this process accessible, simple and highly compelling; PowerPoint and AlterEgos a revolutionary desktop avatar production system from AlteEgos.com.

Many products allow you to import industry standard media files and PowerPoint excels in this area. AlterEgos offers many video outputs within their simple desktop solution offering an almost perfect partnership.

AlterEgos takes virtual tutors to a new level and compliments PowerPoint perfectly. With simplicity you get effective impact that will allow your productions to stand out.

With fifty-three male and female virtual characters in the box, The ability to use the your own voice recordings or the integrated Text To Speech, hundreds of backgrounds and clothing items, AlterEgos gives masses of flexibility. AlterEgos produces industry standard media files including; Flash SWF, Flash FLV and AVI. Lip-syncing is fully automated and the whole production process takes just a few minutes.

In less than five minutes you can script, design, generate and integrate your own virtual representative or virtual tutor dramatically directly into PowerPoint improving your productivity and streamlining your workflow.

Importing into PowerPoint is done with just a few clicks. The process couldn't be more simple.

The final productions for deployment on web or CD is compelling and effective with a fully integrated virtual, fully animated, talking teacher.

Professional quality presentation and Computer Based Training production now has a perfect partnership with AlterEgos and PowerPoint.

If you want the ultimate in “unique” AlterEgos will for a small fee create your own custom character. It's never been easier to create effective, memorable content with ease and simplicity.

Don't just buy the first Virtual Character solution to work with PowerPoint that you come across, check out the competition. Here is an example of AlterEgos latest release. AlterEgos Free trial .

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