Long Distance Running Helps Weight Loss

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When conditioning yourself for a long distance run, don't begin practicing too fast. You can injure yourself by running outside of you comfort zone. Instead, pace yourself and run slowly the first piece of the run. Practice running faster every other day. This will give you a day to recover from your fast paced run. By varying your speed, you will build stamina and condition yourself slowly to run a faster, longer distance.

If you get discouraged about running and feel that it is boring, instead of taking a break and not running at all, try a slow jog. This gives your body the rest that it needs, while not neglecting your workout!

Be aware that when running a long distance, that dehydration can be a real threat. It is important even thought you may not be thirsty, to drink water. Keeping hydrated is very important. Water is one of the primary keys to keep in mind when running. It takes your body about two days to recoup from a long distance run. When practicing for these races, it is important to rest in between workouts.

The day before your long distance race, it is important to rest. A light jog and stretching is a good idea to keep your muscles loose, but don't over do it. At the beginning of running season, it is wise to start out jogging long slow distance. This will increase stamina of the distance that you are able to run. Then, after accomplishing this, work on speed. Keep in shape for running season by running up and down hills or bleachers. This keeps your legs in shape and ready for running season.

This would make you stronger, more fit and ready for running season to begin. It is important to condition yourself before races. If you don't, you can potentially injure yourself. Running long distance can become boring. So mix it up! Every other day run a different pace, a different path, or even get a running partner. These are great ways to differ your routine.

Taking a few months off of running during the off season is a good thing. During this time, don't stress out over times and distance. Just relax and go for a leisurely jog. This would definitely help you come strong in the new season. In the off season keep a watch over your eating habits and don't ruin what you have worked so hard for all year. However, a little indulgence every now and then is acceptable!

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