A Simple Answer To The Question: How To Lose Weight After Baby?

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If you are like many women, who have recently had a baby, you are beginning to eat healthy foods and have even begun an exercise program. In your quest to lose weight after baby, you have started to exercise twice or even three times a week. The problem is, you're not seeing any results. Since you've never dieted or exercised before, you are beginning to wonder “How long before I'll see any difference?”

It's important to be realistic about how quickly you want to lose weight after baby. Some experts have stressed the important and very sensible rule of “nine months on, nine months off”. In other words it took you nine months to gain weight so you shouldn't expect to lose it overnight. As a general rule, you should be aiming to lose no more than 2lb a week. It might not sound much, but that adds up to a weight loss of almost 20 lbs in about two months. Whatever you do, as you try to lose weight after baby, don't go too fast! Rapid weight loss, more than 2 pounds a week, will usually return as even more weight. When in doubt, slow down.

Don't look for over night weight loss results. Slow weight loss is the best weight loss. Begin a reasonable exercise program, which should include at least 3 days of activity per week. As you progress, add more time and repetitions.

As you begin trying to lose weight after baby, you might feel discouraged by your lack of progress. If so, look for ways other than the scale to see improvement. You might find it helpful to measure your bust, waist and hip measurements. Sometimes, if the scales haven't budged, you'll find you've lost half an inch from somewhere (although if you're breast-feeding don't expect to lose any inches from your bust until you've weaned your baby off the breast).

You may also find it helpful to use your clothes to judge how successful you're being – there's nothing more motivating than putting on a pair of trousers that once fitted you, only to find they're now too big.

Here is the simple truth. In order to lose weight after baby, eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and be patient!

Through this combination of healthy eating and exercising you should soon start to see the difference as you lose that post-baby bulge.

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