Volcano Vaporizer Helpful for Aromatherapy

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A volcano vaporizer is a machine that looks like a volcano and uses heated forced air to vaporize the psychoactive compounds in herbs and expel the resulting vapor into a bag. The bag then contains the gas which can be consumed straight from the bag at the leisure of the smoker.

One of the main advantages of this type of vaporizer is that it can be finely adjusted to warm herbs to precise temperatures. This permits just wanted chemicals to be boiled away and consumed.

Many medical patients have difficulty with some herbal treatments or their lungs are easily bothered by smoke. Vaporization provides a much healthier alternative and is also much gentler on lungs and health. Most medical herb patients use vaporizers.

A German manufacturing company, Storz and Bickle, builds and exports all units at their factory in Germany. They are of very high quality and constructed with premium materials and components.

Volcano vaporizers are prized for their significant efficiency in vaporizing psychoactive compounds with little undesired plant matter. Lots of delighted users will quickly provide anecdotes and descriptions of their use of vaporizers if asked.

However, volcano vaporizers have undergone more than just casual testing on couches throughout the world.There have been a few recent clinical trials which looked at the volcano vaporizer and its suitability as a medicine delivery system for ailing patients.

These trials have all produced data supporting vaporization as one of the easiest methods for medical ingestion. In a laboratory setting the volcano vaporizer was found to produce vapor with much less toxic substances than combusted smoke.

For anyone who uses or is considering the use of herbal therapies or is interested in exploring the benefits of aromatherapy the volcano is an excellent option. It is not only highly accurate but easy to use, there is even a model with digital controls.

It is really the precision of the volcano that makes it stand out over other machines and what provides the pure vapor, the essence of any vaporizer function.

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Big fan of volcano vaporizers.. they're a bit pricey, but you can't beat German engineering! And they get the job done in a very healthy manner.

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