What Is Body Wrap?

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Originally, the body wrap was a treatment where plastic wrap and other types of bandages were wrapped tightly around the body in order to induce weight loss through a process called vasodilation. While the effectiveness of this particular application of the body wrap was much debated, it became popular and remains popular to this day, although not quite so much as the new version of the body wrap which is a wrap filled with all manner of body creams, lotions, mud or seaweed and sometimes even clay and algae.

Once the individual has been covered with body lotions and creams, they are wrapped for 20 minutes and kept warm. Afterwards the product is rinsed off and lotion is applied to the patient. This is sometimes referred to as a body mask or a body cocoon, meaning that the body is basically covered, wrapped and slathered with lotions and massage oils for an extended period of time.

The body wraps that utilize clay, mud and seaweed are intended as detoxification treatments that rid the body of toxins by stimulating the metabolism. The body wraps that utilize body creams and rich lotions are intended as hydrating treatments that help soften the skin and create a general sense of relaxation. Generally, before the body wrap begins, the subject is exfoliated with a salt scrub or dry brushing and treated to a deep tissue massage. All of this attention and effort leaves the individual relaxed and completely rejuvenated at the end of the session. The effectiveness of the body wrap cannot be argued with, as those who have utilized them are extremely satisfied with the process.

Once the body wrap is complete, the product is left on for 20 minutes while the subject continues to keep warm. This is, of course, with the intention of sweating out the toxins and allowing the lotions and products to seep into the skin and moisturize the epidermal layer. Once the time is up, the body mask comes off and the individual is unwrapped. For this reason, most body wraps take place in some type of wet room, shower room or a room equipped with a wet table or large tub shower. Regardless of the particular process, the individual is completely washed down and rinsed off at the end of the session and there is generally some type of application of body lotion or cream to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate the body.

There are a few issues to watch out for with the body wrap. The entire process can leave you feeling drained and extremely exhausted. This is largely because of all the toxins being pulled out of your body. Along with the toxins will come a significant amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Make sure that you are completely up to date on all of your vitamins and minerals supplements in order to ensure that you're not left exhausted and worn out after the body wrap experience. Those who are claustrophobic might have problems with this type of treatment.

Body wrap utilizes organic body oil, lotion, and such to exfoliate skin. When its rinsed off, a sense of refreshing feeling will be present. Products such as body wash and massage oil are also applied to rejuvenate the body and help to remove unwanted toxins.

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