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Have you been hearing all about P90X lately, and wondering what all the fuss is about? This program, also known as Power 90 Extreme is a home exercise regime that boasts some very impressive results. The program comes from a strong history and background of other successful exercise programs. It uses a very specific technique to help achieve real results as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this program, you will target many different muscle groups in the body. The video is designed to be easy to follow along with. A nutrition plan, to accompany the exercise, is also part of the program. Some simple equipment is needed at home as well.

Power 90 Extreme was first released in 2004, and it has been estimated that there are about two million users so far. The program was designed by Tony Horton along with a company called Beachbody. Horton has been working with Beachbody for years, and previously made the program Great Body Guaranteed. Power 90 Extreme is actually part of the Power 90 series. This extreme version came about after users of the Power 90 demanded something that was more intense. A large advertising push of infomercials has greatly helped the success of the program.

The program is specifically designed to get some amazing results within a ninety day time frame, hence the “90” in the title. You can expect six days of exercise per week, with each day having a work out of a little less than one hour.

When you order this exercise program, you will get a set of twelve different discs. Each disc will contain a different kind of workout that is specially designed to target a different part of your body. Some of the workouts included in the program are chest and back, shoulders and arms, yoga, stretch, cardio, ab ripper, back and biceps, and more. Generally, each workout will be focused on either cardio, stretch, or strength training.

This program comes with twelve exercise DVDs. Each disc is different, and focuses on a different kind of workout. Each workout will have a specific focus on a type of training (strength, cardio, or stretch), and on a specific concept or area (yoga, plyometrics, legs and back, shoulders and arms, back and biceps, chest, shoulders and triceps, etc.).

Although the workouts are pretty intense, they are at least easy to follow along with. On the disc, you will see the main trainer and motivator, which is Tony Horton himself. Behind Tony are a few background exercisers. Keep your eye on these people, since they will do helpful things like demonstrate the exercises at a lower level of intensity, or with different exercise equipment (such as with resistance bands rather than dumbbells).

The equipment that you will need for this workout program is pretty basic. You should have either dumbbells or resistance bands, a sturdy chair and a pull up bar (for strength exercises).

If you are interested in the P90X workout program, try searching the internet for more information. The internet is a great resource for finding out about how much this program costs to purchase and how exactly it works. It is also a good idea to read some reviews about the workout regime from other people who have been through it. You can also view some very impressive success stories and photos from those who completed the entire program.

P90X is simple the best you can get. I will prove it by showing you more p90x results.

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i would advise everyone to try out p90x. u only need a little bit of space to do it. and it is a great feeling to really workout and become healthy

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