Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas That Won’t Leave You With A Hangover

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Bachelorette parties typically include a stripper, a bar, drinking and lots of -ahem- penis jokes. Traditionally, bachelorette and bachelor parties celebrate the last night of singledom. Being single is about experiencing new things with your girlfriends. From pole dancing to a weekend getaway, here are five unique ways to stray from the norm, have fun, and avoid that nasty hangover the next morning.

A popular trend is stripper-fitness. Why not go out with your bridal party and take a lesson? A pole-dance themed party is a chance to try something new you wouldn't otherwise try. Many studios have popped up all over the country and for moderate prices you could spend an hour in the studio and then have a dinner afterwards. During the classes, women are encouraged to dress in skin-tight clothing and wear high heels. The point is to feel sexy about your body and move it in ways you never thought possible. Just imagine your best friend hanging upside down from a pole! Once you've mastered the basics, you could take the skills back to your hubbie at home. What man wouldn't love that?

After burning all those calories on the pole, why not take in some more with a chocolate tasting class and become chocolate connoisseurs? Lots of local chocolatiers offer private tasting classes where people learn about different chocolates and what makes chocolate good. The chef teaches how to pair chocolates with foods, wines, liquors and fruits. They'll teach how to make mousses and other desserts. Depending on the quality of the chocolate and the length of the class, prices become expensive. However, different packages allow brides to pick and choose what they would like.

Little girls love to treat themselves with chocolate and even manicure and pedicures. As a big girl, treat your girls to a spa day. Prep for the big day with your friends. You'll laugh when you see one another in those silly seaweed wraps. You'll relax, relieve wedding day jitters and relieve wedding preparation stress.

Different spas vary in prices and fit any budget. Some neat spa activites include a chocolate pedicure (complete with hot chocolate) and facials to freshen your face. If you do choose a spa day, it is recommended to do it a week or so before the wedding date because your face and skin might become red from the treatments.

You could utilize the spa's tanning beds and get some color, especially if your wedding is in the winter. Instead, make your bachelorette party a weekend getaway on a tropical island. Relax on the beach, sip mai tais and enjoy the plethora of activities islands offer. Soak up the sun and avoid getting streaks from tanning sprays or exposure to harmful UV rays in the tanning beds. Make sure to wear the correct sun tan lotion number to avoid sunburns!

Great places in California, New England, and New York offer wine tasting classes in select vineyards. Spend a weekend in Napa Valley or in the Long Island, NY vineyards. Learn what makes a pinot noir different from a merlot and why you pair certain foods with certain wines. Select vineyards offer packages with hotels. Depending on the caliber of the vineyards, prices vary. However, there is something for everyone's budget.

With these events, finding wedding party favors to thank your bridal party is easy. If you decide to go to a wine tasting class, give a wine bottle stopper. Or if you go to the beach, give them little beach kits: flip flops, sun tan lotion, etc. Whatever the theme, favors should be fun and fun to use.

There are lots of ways a bachelorette party can stray from the normal, mundane party. Pole dancing lessons and chocolate tasting classes are exotic activities that result in lots of fun, good memories, and no next day hangover. Talk with your girls about what interests them. Involve them in planning the party and let your imaginations run wild.

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Hi I don't know what you consider driving distance but Reno is only 4 hours from San Fran and Tahoe is even closer. That would be a really fun girls getaway.

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I'd have to go with the pole dancing idea. You can buy a pole and hire a teacher for the evening ? it's cheaper than hiring a studio. You could even put the pole up in a bar to really make an event of it. Check with the management first of course and check the ceiling height. Have fun.

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