5 Great Wine Winter Wedding Favors

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This winter many brides will be looking for ways to make their wedding special. That means looking for the right decorations, the perfect floral arrangements, and of course, original and unique winter wedding favors. A wedding favor is a thank you gift that a bride gives to guests to thank them for coming to the wedding. There is a wide variety of gifts a bride can choose from. One type of winter wedding favor that a bride can think of using is winter themed wine sets. These are items that are a must for any one drinking or serving wine or alcohol on an occasion. These are excellent favors because many of them match the winter theme quite beautifully and they also have a useful function that will make them warmly received by guests. Here are some suggestions for winter themed wine sets that you can use.

The wine bottle stopper is a great winter themed wedding favor to give to your guests. Many of your guests may already have bottle openers however; they may not have something to close the bottles when they are not being used. Just think of that you have a bottle of red wine open and when you are not looking it spills onto your white carpet. Wine bottle stoppers are an elegant and simple way to reseal a bottle so that incidents like the one I just mentioned don't happen. This is a beautiful and useful gift any of your guests will love to have. Also with winter designs like snowflakes they will be sure to be used for special winter holidays.

The wine opener is something everyone needs to remove the cork off a quality bottle of wine. Even if your guests already have one at home, they will love to have a beautiful winter themed one that they use for special occasions during the winter season like Christmas. The simple decorative top attached to the opener gives it a touch elegance that will be sure to impress anyone that sees them in use.

Wine glasses are another great wedding favor to give guests. They are a great favor to give at any time of year and can be great souvenirs and mementos of your wedding. To match your winter theme, go for personalized wine glasses. You can get glasses decorated with popular winter motifs such as snowflakes and snowmen along with the date of your wedding and a special thank you to your guests. These can be beautiful and romantic favors to give guests and it will be something that they use on special occasions. Shot glasses are also something you can give guests. These will be great for male guests and can also be used as groomsmen gifts. Many of the same personalization options should apply.

If you feel that each of these items by themselves is not enough then why don't you just offer them as a set. There are many bridal boutiques that do just that and offer wine sets that can be give out in individual packages. These can be personalized or put in creative winter themed favor boxes. They combination will be a gift that is not only affordable for you the bride to purchase but still be something substantial for your guests. A wine set for a winter themed gifts will be big hit at your nuptials.

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The wine bottle stopper is a unique idea. I never thought it could be such a great favour for my guests. Customized glasses just blew me off. Thanks for this tips.

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