5 Amazing and Exciting Bridal Shower Games

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The Bridal Shower is an opportunity is to give the bride gifts that will help her and the groom start their new life together. It is normally organized by the bridesmaids and other close female friends and family of the bride. The origins of the bridal shower are actually based in the dowry. In the past, a bridal shower was a way for families too poor to pay a dowry to provide their daughters with the items they needed to start their new lives. In other cases a bride may have married someone who her father may not have approved of and was cut off. In this case the friends of the bride would come together giving what they could. The bridal party everyone now knows is a more joyous affair and one of the signature events at a bridal shower is the games. Here are some fun games that can be played at your bridal shower.

Bridal Party Bingo is a variation on the classic game of bingo. Rather than having bingo cards have each guest pick 20 wedding words. Then you have the bride pick five words. The people who have all five words in their list win. You can make the game even more fun by awarding special prizes to the winner. You can do other variations with actual bingo cards or other touches to make it more interesting.

Wedding Jeopardy is a fun game that can be done with individuals competing like in the game show or in teams. The questions will be on the bride and groom. The same rules as in regular Jeopardy apply. The answer has to be in the form a question and there should be a 30 sec time limit for answering to keep the game going. The person or team with the most points wins. A great idea is to have the total points they earned qualify guests to win a certain level prize. You can set up price ranges with more costly gifts going to the winner with high score and the other contestants getting prizes corresponding to the points they earned.

A game that will make guests use teamwork and imagination is the Wedding Dress game. The rules are simple. You divide the group into teams picking a person to be the model and the rest to work on the dress. The challenge is that in 1 hour the teams have to make a wedding dress out toilet paper. They can use accessories but things such as the veil, train, and the bouquet must be made from tissue. The best looking dress wins. This is a game that will have everyone working together and stir up the excitement of competition.

There are also games that you can purchase. An interesting one I came across is the Bling Bling Game. This is a door prize game where each guest that arrives at the Bridal shower gets a plastic diamond ring. However there is one special ring that has a flashing light. The person with the “Bling Bling” ring is the winner.

Finally there is the wedding night game. Have the guests put together a bag for the bride and groom's wedding night. It can be normal items that would be expected as well as wacky objects. Have the bride try to put on the things in the bag blind folded. Of course make sure she puts them on over her clothes. The result will be quite funny and make a great picture.

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A fun bridal shower can be one of the most memorable experiences for the bride and her girlfriends, for certain. Besides the wedding, the showers should be treated with the most planning and creativity for that reason. Originality is one of the biggest factors for being memorable. Peace out girls!

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These are great ideas to ensure your bridal party isn't a flop. I only wish I could do it all again now ??

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