4 Great Edible Winter Wedding Favors

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The cold of winter also reminds us of the warmth of home and the hearth. Many brides look to this aspect of winter when planning their winter wedding. This also extends to their choices of wedding favors. A great option for brides looking to convey this idea of winter to their guests in their thank you gifts is edible winter wedding favors. They may not last as long as other favors but their delicious tastes can create fond memories of the nuptials that will endure in attendees' recollections of the special day. Edible winter wedding favors are also effective because they are cost effective and many of them can be personalized to match the theme of the wedding and convey thanks to the attendees. If you are a bride interested in using winter wedding favors here are some great examples that you can use to guide your own choices.

Personal winter wedding cappuccino kits are a great guest wedding gift idea. A lot of people like to enjoy a well made cappuccino but may not have the money to actually buy the machine to make them. The kit allows guests to at least make a couple of cups themselves. The kit comes with the cappuccino mix and a whisk for stirring the drink. The kit is perfectly personalized for the winter theme allowing a bride to also convey her thanks and use popular winter motifs. This is a great gift because it can be used immediately when a guest gets home. They will be sure to remember you as they enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino.

Tea is a popular favor year round but winter is a time when such a warm drink is especially favored. Tea is a great gift option because of its affordability and the easy customization of the tea bags. It also is a hot beverage that can be found in a wide range of flavors and styles. There is the common orange or black pekoe cut tea and there are more storied and exotic flavors like Earl Grey, Oolong, Jasmine, and Green tea just to name a few. You can even find fruit or herbal teas. This gives you the opportunity to offer something for everyone. The customization also allows you to convey thanks to the attendees and also tie in the winter theme. It is often a good idea to offer the tea favors with a tea cup set which includes a teacup, saucer, and a spoon.

Candy is another popular guest gift. Christmas is the main winter holiday that involves candy so you can give themed holiday chocolate, candy canes, mints, and other holiday sweets. However it doesn't stop there. Presentation is just as important as the contents. This is where personalized holiday and winter candy tins come into play they are not only great for holding sweets but can be collected or used by your guests long after the sweets are finished by friends, family, and children.

You can also offer cookies or baked goods as favors. Make sure to give popular seasonal favorites such as sugar cookies, gingerbread, and other popular pastries. You can add to the theme by purchasing or making cookies that are shaped in holiday or winter shapes that everyone young and old will be sure to enjoy.

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