4 Enchanting and Affordable Winter Wedding Favors

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This winter many brides want to make their wedding special. They want to take advantage of all the season has to offer for their nuptials. However in the current economic climate a bride has to pinch pennies while still looking for fantastic results. A place where a bride can make impact for her winter themed wedding and still keep to the budget is winter themed wedding favors. These are small tokens of gratitude that she gives to attendees to thank for them for coming to the affair. For most brides these are small inexpensive gifts that can be enjoyed as souvenirs and for the small interesting use they might have. If you are a bride planning a winter wedding on a budget, here are some great favor choices that will be sure to help you out this winter.

A cheap but useful gift to give is snowflake book marks. These will be especially perfect for those of your guests that are avid readers. Everyone needs a place holder for their favorite book when they have to leave and achieve a task elsewhere. Everyone also hates even more to damage a book by folding the corners. Over time it produces unnecessary wear on the book shortening its life. They are also great because they are cheap so you can afford to buy a lot of them and they beautifully match the winter theme with the intricate snowflakes at the top. A good idea would be to pair them with another book related accessory such as book lights or a popular book most people are reading.

Winter themed wine kits are another great idea. Every one of your adult attendees will have an occasion where they will need something to open their wine and then seal it back up between uses. The winter themed wine kit is just the thing. They are popular wedding favors as is in just about every kind of wedding. The winter theme of the intricate snowflake design is understated yet beautiful. Most importantly it is low in casts with many selling for around $2 to $3 per unit. They will be the perfect mementos of your magical winter wedding.

A surprisingly affordable winter wedding favor is snow cone bath salts. These are spa bath salts that are wrapped in festive packaging. The bath salts are vanilla peppermint and interesting enough look just like snow! The most amazing fact is that this is a high end spa product that you can purchase for just around $2 per unit. This is something that your guests will enjoy using as they take warm soothing baths on winter nights to soothe away the aches and stress accumulated during the day. It is something that will definitely have your attendees thinking fondly of you each time they use it.

Another great and cheap favor is winter themed angel key rings. As the holiday season approaches retailers will start to sell all kinds of holiday themed merchandise. As a favor a beautiful key ring is perfect. First they are quite cheap at around $.82 per unit. So you can even give guests extras. Everyone both young and old needs something to hold house keys, locker keys, or car keys. They are perfect gifts because they are useful and will be popular items at your ceremony and reception.

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